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This article is a part of World Bank SDI Report.


Implementation guides/manuals/documentation on SDI

Document Title Description Authors/year published
SDI Cook book Provides geographic information providers and users with the necessary background information to evaluate and implement existing components of SDI. Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association, 2009
SDI Africa Guide on SDI implementation with an African perspective. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), 2004
FDGC Website Documentation and various resources on SDI Federal Geographic Data Committee (US)

1. Research surveys on Status of SDI development activities worldwide

Document Title Description Authors/year published
Multi-view SDI assessment framework (Book) Theoretical background about Multi-view SDI assessment and cases studies for some countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas Joep Crompvoets, Abbas Rajabifard
Bastiaan van Loenen,
Tatiana Delgado Fernández, 2008
A Review of the status of SDI Implementation in Africa An assessment of the status of SDI activity in Africa. 29 countries surveyed Prestige Makanga and Dr. Julian Smit, University of Cape Town, 2008
World Status of SDI clearinghouses PhD thesis - Statistics and trends in establishment of SDI clearinghouses and SDI impacts assessments worldwide Joep Crompvoets, 2006
How to assess the success of National SDIs Organizational theory used to develop a means to assess the success of a National SDI's organizational context. Crucial aspects considered: the existence of a vision, leadership, communication strategy, coherence and intention of the geographic community to initiate new innovations. Kok and van Loenen, 2005;
SDI Survey – Latin America & Caribbean Update of 2000 GSDI survey for Latin America and the Caribbean Glenn Hyman, Claudia Perea, Kate Lance, Dora Ines Rey, 2003
GSDI Survey Gathered baseline information on the nature and characteristics of the national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) developments at the time Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association, 1998 & 2000
State of Play Surveys Describes, analyses and assesses the status of National SDIs in 32 countries in Europe INSPIRE, yearly edition since 2003
All shapes and sizes: the first generation of national spatial data infrastructures  Reviews experiences of 11 1st generation national SDI initiatives and also considers lessons for future SDIs. Surveyed: Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, United Kingdom and United States. Ian Masser, 1999;

World Bank Funded SDI/GIS Developments

Document Title
  • Ghana - National Framework for Geospatial Information Management (NAFGIM, 1998 - 2003)
NAFGIM was a component in a wider Natural Resource Management Project of the Ministry of Lands Forestry and Mines. NAFGIM was conceived as an interdisciplinary, inter-agency and a cross-sector network of institutions and agencies engaged in the production and use of geospatial information.
  • Lesotho - Lesotho Integrated Transport Program (2004 - 2010) - P075566
Main objective was to improved access to services and market opportunities, through a more complete, safe and affordable transport system which would contribute to the Government's poverty reduction and economic growth strategy.
Implementing ministry was the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MoPWT). To facilitate monitoring and evaluation the project created a number of spatial data sets and used GIS to link the MoPWT GIS with other relevant sources of poverty/social/environmental data in the country (e.g. location o f key services such as clinics, schools, markets, transport, population and socio-economic conditions o f villages in impact zones, etc) to assist in poverty targeting and road safety initiatives.
  • Zambia - Environmental Information Network and Monitoring System (EINMS, 1998-2003)
4th component of the Environmental Support Program (ESP) whose goal was to provide environmental information and decision support to stakeholders involved in ESP, establish the foundation for a national Environmental Information System (EIS) and facilitate public access to environmental information. SDI focus was to promote data custodianship, development, sharing and standardization; also capacity building among stakeholders
  • Central Africa - Regional Environmental Information Management Program (1997 – 20003)
An inter-country project to improve planning and management of natural resources in the Congo Basin by providing the various stakeholders with appropriate information on the environment. Countries involved: Cameroon, CAR, Congo, DRC, Equatorial Guinea, Chad and Gabon. SDI related component involved the production and update of various environmental spatial data: Aerial photos, satellite imagery, topo and thematic maps etc. This component was later dropped in preference for more data processing. Successes include the setting up of tools to archive and manage information; capacity building; established partnerships; information sharing.

Other Bookmarks

Global & Regional SDI Initiatives



Geoinformation for Sustainable Development in Africa

The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD)


Instituto Panamericano de Geografía e Historia - IPGH

Permanent Committee on Geospatial Data Infrastructure for the Americas


Permanent Committee on Geographic Information for Asia and the Pacific (PCGIAP)

Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration


EUROGI - European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information © 2010



Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association GSDI

Welcome to the OGC Website OGC®

SDI Country Experiences


13 Brazil SDI.pdf Activities of IBGE to Build the Brazilian SDI

Networks of Innovation and the Establishment of a Spatial Data Infrastructure in Brazil


Jordan's National Spatial Data Infrastructure.pdf Building Jordan's National Spatial Data Infrastructure


Development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Korea

Reports/SDE - Korea.pdf Institutional Issues of the Spatial Data Exchange in Korea


Rwanda SDI experiences


Maps Guide Water and Sanitation Planning in Uganda

Opportunities and Challenges for SDI Development in Developing Countries - A Case Study of Uganda

information/uganda/SDI Addis Uganda.htm The Uganda Spatial Data Infrastructure Framework - Status report

Uganda Wetland Maps Will Help Reduce Poverty, Boost Economy

Delivering an SDI and a GeoHub – Northern Ireland's real life ...

SDI Implementation Guide & Documentation

GSDI Cookbook

Index of SDI Research Publications files

National Geo-spatial Data Infrastructure Theories and Technologies

SDI Africa an Implementation Guide

Spatial data infrastructure, essential element in the successful exploitation of GIS technology

The Federal Geographic Data Committee

Toward a Coordinated Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Nation

SDI Status Surveys, Assessments & Reports

Assessment and socio-economic aspects of geographic information ...

Changing Notions of a Spatial Data Infrastructure

Financing SDIs Lessons Learned from the PAMAP Experience GPS World - 2009 GIS Spatial Data Clearinghouse Directory

INSPIRE State of Play Reports - European SDI Perspective

National Spatial Data Clearinghouses - Worldwide Development & Impact - A PhD Thesis

management and analysis/UK SDI_Robin McLaren.pdf NSDI - Key Concepts for Success - International Lessons Learned

Spatial Data Infrastructure - Developing Trends and Challenges

Spatial Data Sharing - A PhD Thesis

Wehn-paper.pdf Strategies for SDI implementation - A survey of national experiences

Survey of National and Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure Activities around the Globe

Survey of the Development of National Spatial Data Infrastructures in Latin America & Caribbean


The Socio-Economic Impact of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia

International journal on Spatial Data Infrastructures Research

SDI_GIS Application - Project Reports -MDGs

Case Studies - Poverty Mapping

ESRI User Conference 2004

Poverty Mapping - Publications

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