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This article is a part of World Bank SDI Report.

This Manual was compiled and edited by Professor Mike Jackson and Dr Zoe Gardner ....

The editors would like to thank ............

The Manual was commissioned by InfoDev ( InfoDev is a research, capacity building and advisory service organisation that seeks to help developing countries and their international partners use information and communication broadly and effectively as tools of poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth. InfoDev is a partnership of public international development organisations facilitated by a secretariat housed in the World Bank's Finance and Private Sector Development Vice-Presidency and working closely with the ICT Sector Unit. The InfoDev Project Manager was Dr Tim Kelly, and he was assisted by Marisela Montoliu Munoz, Lonesome Malambo, Paul Scott and Samhir Vasdev.

The Manual benefited from a number of input case studies that are available in full on the website for this project, which can be found at: Specifically, two best practice case studies were commissioned:

  • The case of Brazil, commissioned from Dr Clodoveu Davis and Dr Fred Fonseca. Dr Davis is professor and researcher at the Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. Dr Davis is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and an Associate Professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State.
  • The case of Republic of Korea, commissioned from Sr Eun-Hyung Kim, a professor at Division of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning, College of Engineering, Kyungwon University in Korea.

In addition, two country-level technical assistance programs were delivered to examine the feasibility of establishing a national SDI:

  • In Jordan, a technical assistance report was prepared by IdRC Interdisciplinary Research Consultants Jordan and ESRI Canada, with assistance from Christianna Johnnides, Urban Specialist, at the World Bank.
  • In Uganda, an implementation manual was developed by a team from Geo-Information Communication Ltd Uganda and ESRI Canada, with assistance from Rebecca Sebudde, Senior Economist in the Uganda Country Office of the World Bank.

Peer review and additional contributions for the Manual have been provided by Dr Bruce McCormack, President of EUROGI and Senior SDI Advisor at the Dept. of Environment, Community and Local Government. The report has been edited and formatted by Samhir Vasdev, Georgetown University, USA.

This report, and other inputs and contributions, have been funded by the Korea Trust Fund for ICT for Development, which funds research on cutting edge ICT4D solutions for economic and social growth and poverty reduction. For more information, see: The web version of this report can be found at

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